Why are we the right choice?

In an onsite traditional model of engagement, we indulge in several variations focussing on customer satisfaction and high quality delivery standards.

Staffing our partner projects onsite, we provide relevant skilled resources, to be integrated in our partners projects.

Catering to both onsite & offshore, we provide resources who are capable of handling customer facing roles and in parallel, lead a development team located in our headquarters (reducing costs but not reducing quality)

We are responsible for subsets of larger projects in an end-to-end mode. This would mean that in large complex projects we would be responsible right from Project Management🡪Delivery🡪Postproduction.


Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Select consultants with matching profile and experience

Introduce consultants to the client

Clients select the consultants that best fit their requirement

Consultants work for the client from our offices, often integrating a virtual team

Cost Reduction

Time Saving

Geographic Proximity And Similar Timezone

Collaboration of tools and resources

Workspace + Infrastructure

PMI certified Professionals

At Pro Integrate, our virtual development teams work with our client teams using collaboration tools. Distance, Cost and time-to-market is reduced, while the client holds control of the teams and projects.

For offshoring solutions, geographic, Cultural and temporal proximity. Together with the technical and language skills of our teams, allows us to be the answer for our clients’ needs.

Some of our Global Clients