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A business can thrive in today’s market with continuous improvement. The market keeps on changing, which requires a business to bring a dynamic nature in business operations. Consistency of quality should not turn into an outdated operational process. Regular improvement is necessary to stay ahead of the market demands.

With Pro Integrate, you can improve performance, optimize productivity, increase efficiency and do it again and again. We provide end-to-end business process management consulting services. Our services cover each and every process such as discovery, analysis, documentation, implementation, integration, and operation automation as well. We have been able to accelerate development and boost innovation with our approach for hundreds of clients.

Services that go beyond your expectations

Having our experts by your side resolves all your business operation issues. We have every service that you desire from a reliable bpm consulting service provider.

  1. SOA along with integration services

With our SOA as well as integration services, you can define your architecture strategy and deploy it with our assistance. We create a well-defined strategy and integrate it with top-notch governance as well as operating model. This brings the much-needed structure in your service-related architecture.

  1. BPM enablement and consulting

We combine a comprehensive technique of enablement and consulting to cover your technology architecture related to BPM. Our experts plan and assist in the process of platform and application migration. We transform the whole architecture into SOA-oriented integration platforms and BPM-oriented smart applications.

  1. Services of rules management for business system

We provide consulting services and implementation assistance for a business system. Our implementation includes policy-oriented controls. Plus, we utilize policy-oriented processes to minimize the chances of risks and align with every compliance demand.

  1. Event processing and process analytics

With our process analytics support, you become capable of looking at management systems in real-time. This visibility provides much-needed data to make well-informed decisions.

  1. Cloud integration

Our experts construct and implement SaaS solutions according to client demands. We are capable of offering private, hybrid and public SaaS solutions.

Highest standards of industry-specific solutions

Pro Integrate holds years of experience in building top-notch industry-specific solutions for clients:

  1. Exposure management and credit processing systems

We specialize in these systems to maximize the abilities of business. Our solutions cover corporate lending, loan processing, risk monitoring, portfolio management for loan and credit.

  1. Media collaboration and planning solutions

Our experts can assist in the construction of automated media collaboration and planning systems. We can enable your business with performance monitoring, evaluation, comprehensive management of every campaign.

  1. Collaborative process system

Our expertise also involves the capacity to deliver a collaborative process platform to match industry needs and automate business operations.

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