Pro Integrate has provided IT solutions to regional carriers and major international carriers across a spectrum of services. Our dedicated team of domain experts, UI specialists, business analysts and technical architects address core business problems.

Public Sector

Citizens have questions. Are you providing timely, useful answers?


You know your distributors and your suppliers. How well do you know your customers?


Increase sales and conversion through personalized, meaningful engagement.


Draw guests to your brand by engaging them with the right information at the right time.

Financial Services

Where are you investing your budgets? Change the mix to achieve growth objectives and innovate.


Are your constituent interactions world-class?

Professional Services

Deliver high-quality results while increasing profitability by leveraging the right innovative technologies.


Improve student outcomes by investing in innovation.

Communications & Media

Boundaries between network operators, content providers, and media companies are blurred.

Health & Life Sciences

Patient care transcends multiple providers, payers, and now do-it-yourself healthcare apps.

Software and High Tech

Complex challenges are transforming business and product consumption models. As this evolution continues, both software and high tech firms need to balance support and maintenance of legacy systems with innovation. And with this evolution we see legacy models of access control begin to break down and fail

Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities companies hold vast amounts of sensitive data, collected from a multitude of sources, including big data generated by smart grids and smart meters. This data is stored, analyzed, and filtered, before being shared with collaborative partners.


Information security is essential in the insurance domain. With insurance brokers and Third-Party Administrators involved in the process of selling policies, managing claims etc on behalf of the insurers, there are multilevel data transmissions. This increases the risk of security breaches. Not only should the personal data be protected, but also securing competitive pricing details and other sensitive information is essential.


Pharmaceutical enterprises now outsource development to small specialist laboratories in order to focus their talents on specific research. Often, only the most business critical work is done in-house.


Data Protection Laws/Regulations are becoming stringent over time, while the need to collaborate has never been greater.


eHealth records opened new opportunities for the healthcare industry. Suddenly patients’ records could be shared online between doctors, nurses, insurers, care providers, emergency services, and the like. The idea was for patients to receive better treatment, faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, this did not materialize as planned.

Federal Government

There are several data access control challenges unique to the Federal Government. Complex government agencies require complete control over who, when, and how their most sensitive data is accessed to reduce the insider threat and maintain compliance with security directives and privacy laws.

Public Sector

As with the federal government, there are several data access control challenges unique to the public sector. From education to law enforcement, internal revenue, and government institutes, agencies require complete control over who, when and how their most sensitive data is accessed.


Media providers face authorization issues in several different scenarios. Data must be distributed, while being protected against unauthorized consumption to avoid contractual breaches and fines. Access to material needs to be granted in strict accordance with producer’s demands.

Financial Services

As a financial institution, your organization faces big challenges around regulatory compliance and protecting customer data. Local banks, global investment banks, and brokerage firms face similar issues. Incorrect authorization can lead to devastating financial repercussions.


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