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When it comes to open-source solutions of software, Red Hat has gained worldwide popularity. It lets you acquire high-performing Linux, cloud, virtualization and storage technologies. Red Hat contains a worldwide network of partners, enterprises and various open-source communications. The utilization of this platform ensures innovation and relevance in terms of IT technologies.

Pro Integrate, as your red hat consultant, offers excellent solutions and services. We specialize in Enterprise Integration, Process Management, Cloud Enablement, and many other solutions. We have a deep understanding of Red Hat software solutions due to our years of experience. This experience allows us the capability to deliver comprehensive Red Hat company portfolio for a client.

Our approach to Red Hat consulting services

We divide our consulting approach to three important phases:

  1. Assessment of current technological architecture

The first phase of Red Hat consulting involves a thorough assessment of the technological architecture that your business has. We assess all approaches, processes, and tools along with the technical implementation of IT architectures. This analysis allows our professionals to find the scope of improvement for your business. At the same time, we become capable of offering operational recommendations.

Using the conclusions of this assessment, our experts design an ideal architecture including all your desired goals. A checkup of current artifacts and configurations brings out the loopholes in the health of your overall IT architecture. These loopholes are included in the reference architecture.

  1. Demonstration of tool capabilities

A comprehensive strategy assists in jumpstarting the process of tool installation and demonstration of applications. Sample demonstration takes place to help you understand the capabilities of tools and their core features. The demonstration includes concrete examples of valuable use cases related to your business and existing systems. These use cases assist in finding out the core functionality as well as the practical validation of the effectiveness. Minimal sets are designed to complete this process efficiently.

  1. Accelerated technological adoption

Our team of experts offers mentoring as well as advanced training to accelerate the process of adoption. We divide the process of adoption into multiple steps and assist you to follow them within a pre-defined time frame.

Pro Integrate maximizes Red Hat advantages for you

Having us as your red hat integration consultant empowers you in multiple ways:

  1. Certified specialists

We have a specialized team of professionals with certified skills. Our professionals have sharpened their experience through past performances, extensive testing, and successful solutions. This expertise makes us a perfect partner for all kinds of organizations. We drive new opportunities with our support and demonstrate the scope of Red Hat solutions for your business.

  1. Collaboration and contributionsWe have been a close contributor in the community of Red Hat. We share and acquire insights to enhance our capabilities regarding the software solutions of Red Hat. This allows us to stay updated with the latest possibilities, which we transfer to our clients.Call now for Red Hat consultation!Speak to our experts to pave the path to Red Hat integration.

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