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The computer server that makes it possible to have communication between diverse applications and any operating system is the integration server. If you use an enterprise integration server, you may have several legacy applications, customized applications, and pre-packaged applications. It will also have one of the two kinds of architectures – the network-centric architecture that is referred to as the bus-model or the hub and spoke model. 

Connect to all your services

We give you the server you need for your business. For a webmethods platform, the webmethods integration server is the core application server. You can connect a wide range of services across this including communication between systems and data mapping between formats. We are global IT experts in Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, RedHat, Tibco, SOA, web services, Apigee, OpenShift, Oracle SOA, Big Data, webMethods, BPM, and Salesforce among others.

To improve your business service delivery and approach, we supply the technology and services to give you the edge to give you the tactical execution of long-term strategies. This helps you to make the best business investments by assessing the tactical scope. 

Integrate processes with devices and data

The webmethods integration platform helps you integrate systems, processes, devices, data, and services that help improve business functionality. We give you the best platform that helps to enhance business networking.  The platform helps you integrate with everything such as share and synchronize data across platforms, connect with all trade partners using a single B2B gateway, or use a plug-and-play facility to connect applications and systems.

This is useful for connecting to your employees, partners, and customers wherever they might be through apps and extend information to them. Businesses will benefit enormously by the use of enterprise systems secured to mobile and SaaS apps. This helps you to make faster innovations and reuse systems and services and accelerate time to value. The platform helps you to adapt to changing business needs such as mobile or cloud integration, mergers, and use of new regulations. 

Easy for a business owner to use

Simplicity in API management makes it possible for the business owner to use the API facility to change the functionality to their liking. Enablement and governance of services are easy as is the possibility of exploiting mobile opportunities across the infrastructure. This will reduce costs and risks and eliminate the need for the use of complex point to point integrations that are costly and complex.

The business owner is free to deploy the service on-premise or lift to the cloud and use if that is more beneficial. You can interoperate databases and mainframe applications and exchange information easily using webMethods Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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