Benefits of Salesforce Cloud for Non-profit Organizations

Posted By Admin On Thu, Oct 3, 2019

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud came into being in June 2018. It helps non-profit organizations do real-time tracking and measure performances. Raising funds is a challenge for nonprofits after which they have to track and record the performance of their customers. This effort has become possible and easy through AI-driven insights that Salesforce provides. 

The issues that non-profit organizations face

To show how effective they are, nonprofits need to show the amount of effort they put in or the amount of stress they go through. This is especially true for online stores and experiences that are starting. Because the demand for non-profit organizations is growing, Salesforce decided to launch a separate cloud service for it. The non-profit cloud of Salesforce has several in-built features that benefit the non-profit working of the organization. Salesforce Cloud is the top choice as CRM provider for organizations of all types and it is not any different for non-profit organizations. Here we investigate the benefits of using it for non-profit organizations. 

Improve management within the non-profit organization

Beginning with the identification and categorization of leads and clients, Salesforce goes on to design work spaces that takes everyone into account. You get personalized views and dashboards that allow access to specific users. You can code any extra functionality that is not present into the Salesforce platform. You can read on the Salesforce website about the experiences of other nonprofit users and how they benefited from it. 

Easy and affordable for all non-profit organizations

About 32,500 non-profit organizations are at present deriving benefits from Salesforce. It takes into consideration the nature of the organization and its needs and implements it. Also, it has implemented its NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) program that offers a separate array of benefits for non-profits. This salesforce for nonprofit includes donor management, pre-built constituent and data architecture and remains built for small and medium-sized non-profit organizations. 

Utility for households

They have a range of benefits that benefit households. It helps people manage their daily budget and keep track of their monthly expenses so they can live within their budget. You can customize it for use as per your needs. 

Power of Us program

Salesforce has launched the Power of Us program that gives ten donated subscriptions on any extra subscription you take along with deep discounts. This is for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. The package includes several useful features such as these:

  • Salesforce training discount.
  • Discount on AppExchange apps.
  • Salesforce events remain subsidized
  • Enterprise editions get ten donated licenses.

This pack of Salesforce for a non-profit is free and open source. The many functions that we can use this for include donations, volunteer management, households, constituents, and more. Make use of the salesforce cloud consultant to customize your platform. 

Support through the nonprofit cloud

You can connect with the supporting staff on Salesforce through their partner program. This obviates the need for dashboards, layouts, and functionalities. The flexible architecture helps customers interact better. So, users will be able to get high-quality help whenever they need it. You can use your existing website to access the cloud and use a wide range of tools and third-party apps.

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