Apigee Edge – Changing the Way the Businesses Work

Posted By Admin On Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Nowadays, technology is playing a very crucial role in the management of business organizations, especially the larger ones. The business integration platform is such an example of technology that is being used by organizations for smoothening their business operations. Talking of the business integration platforms, there are a number of competitors existing in the market, but Apigee is one of the most widely known business integration service providers. Today, we will throw some light on this amazing business integration service and how to use Apigee management services. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

What is ApigeeEdge?

Apigee Edge is a famous platform that is used for developing and managing APIs. By offering services with a proxy layer, this platform provides a facade or abstraction for your organization’s backend service APIs and also provides security, rate limiting, analytics, quotas, and many more. These days, companies want their backend services to exist on the web so that these services can be used for the applications which are being run on the desktops or mobile phones. It may be possible that a company wants to expose services, which provide product availability and pricing information, order tracking services, sales, and ordering services, or any other kind of service needed by the client app.

Usually, these services are exposed by the companies as a set of HTTP endpoints. Then, HTTP requests are made by the client app developers to these endpoints. Then on the basis of the endpoint, the service may return the data back to the client app. The client apps can be implemented as standalone apps for a tablet or mobile device if they consume these services.

These standalone apps can be implemented as HTML5 apps running in a specific browser or any other type of app which makes such a request to an HTTP endpoint. These apps may be developed by the company which exposed these services or by any third-party app developers. This is how Apigee management in cloud works.

While making their services available over the web, the providers have to ensure that all the services are secured and protected from unauthorized access. As a service provider, they consider:

  • Security: How will the company or the service provider control access to their services?
  • Compatibility: Will all the services offered by the service provider work across the different platforms and devices?
  • Measurability: How will you monitor your services in order to make sure that those services are available on a continuous basis?
  • Monetization: How will you track the access to your services by the customers, and how will you bill those customers for accessing your services?
  • And many other considerations.

Benefits of Apigee Edge

  • Design APIs: With the help of Apigee Edge, you can produce API proxies and can also configure API policies as stages in the API flow.
  • Secure APIs: With the help of this Apigee maintenance platform, you can also implement best security practices across all the APIs. You can also safeguard your data from the various OWASP threats.
  • Publish APIs: Apigee Edge’s three-stage tool can be used for developing reusable access controls and for managing the API audience from your portal.
  • Analyse APIs: With the help of Apigee Edge, you can investigate traffic surges, trace live API calls by using real-time information, and many other related tasks.

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