Why Tour Business Needs To Move On To Openshift Platform

Posted By Admin On Sat, Jul 6, 2019

OpenShift is a platform developed by Red Hat that provides an Integrated Development Environment for managing cloud computing using containers. The container approach was adopted by the company in 2016-2017 when the OpenShift platform went under a complete overhaul. This platform allows the developers to design and implement Docker-formatted containers, which allows the developers to full use the benefits of cloud computing.

Many long-established businesses are now moving to the OpenShift Platform. This helps them come at par with the current digital age faster. Using OpenShift Business consulting services, you too can make your business boom with the latest technology. The OpenShift Platform is available in 4 pricing models, which only differ in their services, but the overall core computing remains the same. The four models are discussed below-

  1. OpenShift Container Platform- The implementation of Platform as a Service(Paas), OpenShift container Platform allows developers to use virtual servers as actual computers, which helps them run processes over the cloud.
  2. OpenShift Online- Launched in 2011, Openshift Online helps programmers use deploy OpenShift, by using it as a public cloud service. The Openshift Online is implemented onto the cloud as a pair of another service, the likes of which include Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure.
  3. OpenShift Dedicated- This version of OpenShift allows developers to run a single model on a public cloud service. The public service must be running the Red Hat OS, which incorporates the use of Docker and Kubernetes approach.
  4. OpenShift.io- It is the free and open-source version of OpenShift Online. One of the main features of OpenShift.io is that it provides developers with a platform that helps them in machine learning algorithm and decision making systems.

The features offered by the OpenShift Platform are endless. Not only is there pricing model quite economic, but each package also has its own unique characteristic, which is suited for an individual business model. OpenShift allows a business to come online faster, giving developers the power to connect with Cloud services.

Here are certain features of OpenShift Platform-

  • Allows developers to create application easily and quickly. The applications work in harmony with cloud services, allowing developers to create an environment that works well cloud and on-site applications.
  • OpenShift provides developers with Multi-language support. This gives developers the freedom to run various different frameworks, database and programming languages all at once.
  • Gives developers the freedom of automating applications build.
  • OpenShift allows developers to run their development in persistence mode. This allows managing an operating system without actually installing it. The Red Hat Linux Distro supports persistence support, so developers can easily code in their desired environment.

The uses of OpenShift Platform are very high. Not only does it streamline your business by taking it online, but it also allows your on-site applications to interact with cloud services. Through this, you can achieve data sharing between your online and offline peripherals. The different pricing model supported by OpenShift Platform is lucrative and a fair deal on its own.

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