Comparing Apigee And Mulesoft – The Two Leading Integration Platforms

Posted By Admin On Thu, Apr 30, 2020

A lot of organizations and enterprises are implementing the API management-based strategy, which involves a lot of practices to be built and managed. All these tools help in undertaking various tasks like the communication of applications, monitoring of logs and the analysis of data.

Employees and organization:

Apigee API management platform was acquired by Google in the year 2016. The company has less than 500 employees and has the best capabilities to offer to all the enterprises. Acquired by Salesforce in March 2019, Mulesoft is a USA-based company and has more than 1100 employees in it. When one puts all these kinds of applications together, then they provide a lot of features which help in achieving the goals of the organization.


The product of Apigeee is known as Apigee Edge, which is the single best platform for all the management of developer-based services and analytics. It can perform functions like security, design of API, monitoring and publishing services. This solution can provide both on-premises as well as the cloud-based services to the consumers. The cloud version is cheaper and easier to install from the consumer’s point of view.

The product of Mulesoft is called as the Anypoint platform. With the help of this, the users can combine the internal as well as third-party applications. The users are very well able to discover and manage the integrations using this product. The company always aims to provide digital transformations to all the consumers and speed up the whole process. This product has been able to make the integration process extremely fast, and this can be done on cloud-based systems.


Pricing is not an easy comparison to be made in both these companies. The potential customers struggle on decision-making among both of them. Google has an exceptionally good reputation in terms of innovation, whereas, on the other hand, Salesforce can provide the best quality enterprise solutions. Both companies are very well able to provide best quality products to the consumers that can be implemented in their business units. The choice among both comes down to the technical base of capabilities where both of them have their particular strengths.

Apigee is considered to be mature in the cases of management of microservice, whereas Mulesoft is considered ahead in terms of integration-based capabilities. Both companies are working to close all these kind of gaps in the whole process. The Mulesoft platform provides various unique features, which provide easy implementation of the API.

Both are considered good in terms of availability, security, reliability and the scalability. The thing is that the developers who want to use such products must have good knowledge of the systems so that they can implement them effectively and efficiently in the best interest of the organizations in which they work. So, select according to your requirement, and you are good to go.

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