Added Power to Salesforce through Mulesoft Acquisition

Posted By Admin On Mon, Jul 1, 2019

By acquiring Mulesoft, Salesforce has added power to the dimension of the Salesforce Integration Cloud. It is busy laying the groundwork for complete integration. The Mulesoft Anypoint platform will provide the unified platform whether on the cloud on on-premise and make business expansion easy with the API integration. You will be able to extend core capacities to partners and empower faster innovations.

 Integration layers in the cloud

We will see three layers in the integration cloud, the first of which will be the integration platform. This helps in building application networks that link the enterprise data, devices, and apps. Mulesoft helps to build the application network through the Anypoint platform. Most of the top brands in the world are already using this and making use of the integration cloud.

In the second layer, you will see the Integration Builder. This helps the Salesforce consultant map all the systems so that users will have a single view of customers across multiple orgs, systems, and clouds existing outside of Salesforce. Developers can access all customer information in quick time by leveraging guides and click-based UI.

 Use of Integration Experiences

Integration Experiences comes in the third layer uses new ways to bring together customer data on Salesforce which helps administrators create a personalised and seamless end to end customer services spanning sales, marketing, services, and more. The Lightning App builder will help the administrator to access commerce order history data. Using the Lightning service console, he will be able to transform service interactions into opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

One can see the advantages of the Integration Cloud in its many features. For one, the automation of the CRM process gives power to every transaction that users make. Most of the businesses manage customer processes using legacy tools that remain disconnected from the customer data. This results in costly delays and in many cases opportunities are lost. It is possible to build processes now using visual tools that remain integrated with the customer data by using Lightning Flow Components. This gives an advantage to the salesforce consulting companies through reduced with times because everything is embedded at any touchpoint.

 The wonder of Einstein Analytics

The second big advantage is that any app you use will become smarter through the use of Einstein Analytics. It is now possible for business owners to use AI and app integration to embed intelligence directly into the app. This helps them gain instant access to additional capabilities that are beneficial to the business.

Developers can now embed Einstein Analytics directly using Lightning components. This helps them make smarter decisions than if they were using conventional apps. This is because it is done using clicks and does not require a code. There is another good thing due to the Quip Live apps. These are customisable apps that one may use inside the Quip. Partners in the Salesforce AppExchange such as Vidyard,, and Altify supply them to users.

Lighting Flow is the workflow tool that helps customers build workflows to suit the customer data. The underlying intelligence layer called Einstein helps when you are building an app.


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