Why Mulesoft Integration Is Preferred Worldwide?

Posted By Admin On Thu, Jan 16, 2020

Business integration software is one of the most important aspects of the tech world. This is because they play a crucial role in smoothening the functions or operations of the business organizations, no matter which department they are concerned with. Many players in the market offer business integration services and Mulesoft is one of the most talked players among the corporate people, and experts also know how can mulesoft address integration challenges. Let’s check out why it is one of the most preferred business integration platforms.

 What is Mulesoft?

In order to understand the Mulesoft, there is a need to understand middleware and iPaaS first. Middleware can be understood as a layer between the two different systems, which facilitate communication between those two systems. Thus, middleware ensures the smooth connectivity between those systems without requiring those systems to communicate directly with each other.

But, in today’s world, the tech stacks have grown tremendously, and the data has stretched across the legacy systems. This has made the integration much more complex and difficult to perform. But middleware makes the integration much simpler by offering a centralized platform where all the data can be pulled and pushed from.

iPaaS, which is also known as the integration platform as a service, helps in taking the middleware a step ahead. It basically helps in centralizing data and integration points in the cloud. It is a kind of platform for building and deploying integrations between the cloud and the enterprise & within the cloud. iPaaS allows the users to develop the integration flows which connect the applications which are on-premise or which resides in the cloud. Also, it helps in deploying those applications without managing any middleware or hardware.

So, now the question arises, whether Mulesoft integration is a middleware, or is it an iPaaS? Well, it is both. The Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is a kind of middleware solution, which, when powered by CloudHub, becomes an iPaaS solution. This platform is not only flexible, but it is also too scalable, which is a very beneficial feature for the business organization. This is one of the main reasons why the company is growing at a rapid pace as compared to its competitors.

 API led connectivity

The concept of API connectivity is transforming the integration strategies of business organizations. However, it should be remembered that the end-to-end system integration is not scalable because the demands of the corporate world in the IT sector are continuously growing. But with the help of an API-led approach, companies are able to reuse the APIs, and they can ensure the connected & exposed data and assets instead of creating singular integrations. Mulesoft also allows the companies to take advantage of custom reusable APIs and also access the thousands of APIs built and maintained by Mulesoft.

 More than a data warehouse 

The MulesoftAnypoint platform is more than a simple platform made for hosting data and APIs. The platform is able to design APIs and map data. It is also able to test and debug in a collaborative interface. The Anypoint management center allows in managing APIs and users apart from assessing and monitoring SLAs. Anypoint security feature also helps in protecting the application network with pre-built security standards.

This is the reason why integration patterns in Mulesoft are preferred by business organizations all around the world, which are seeking business integration systems.

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