What Are the Benefits of the Dell Boomi Platform?

Posted By Admin On Mon, Mar 2, 2020

A multi-tenant platform that is highly on-demand today is ‘Dell Boomi’. The unit was initially established in 2000, launched its services in 2007 and was acquired by Dell in 2010. Dell Boomi is a low code with 100% native cloud integration platform, helping organizations to modernize their IT frameworks. It specializes in API Management, MDM (Master Data Management) and Cloud Integration.

Dell Boomi- Satisfying thousands of customers; leaving a mark in the market; and managing millions of integrations regularly. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of Dell Boomi Platform:

Quality Data and Decisions

From multiple legacy systems, Dell Boomi solves the problem of poor-quality data. This improves the quality as well as consistency for the IT teams. And ultimately, quality data leads to quality data-driven decisions.

Speed Enhancement

Boomi is providing an easy to use and highly powerful platform. This is helping IT teams to complete integration processes way faster than before. This enhanced speed is reflected in improvements, increased operational efficiencies, and innovations.

Freedom from Silos Environment

Before the introduction of Boomi, IT teams used to face the chaos of integration tools. Process Automation in Dell Boomi provides complete freedom from these applications and ties of silos.

Increased Efficiency

Dell Boomi Process Reporting eliminates the need for external parties for supporting integrations. IT teams are now capable of API management and MDM, increasing their efficiency.

Digital Transformation

Organizations have realized that Dell Boomi provides the integration required by them to face the new challenges and cope up with the growth rate. Dell Boomi also acts as an aid to organizations in providing new services and getting new customers on board.

Troubleshooting Ease

The tedious task of troubleshooting used to be as long as from hours to weeks. IT teams used to invest so much time just to see failed integrations or errors. But with process Automation in Dell Boomi troubleshooting can be done and resolved in minutes.

Ease in Updates

Since there are no on-site hardware or infrastructure involved, there is no complex updating too. Dell Boomi Process Reporting is smart enough to automatically update and install software and remove bug patches too.

Emerging Technologies Support

M2M (machine to machine) trends that enable machines to communicate with machines, has to lead to rising in IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning technologies. Some protocols were not designed to support IoT, but process automation in Dell Boomi is designed to support IoT and all other emerging technologies.

Cost Efficiency

Boomi provides its customers ‘pay as you go’ subscription. This means that you pay for only what you need and only when you need it. It doesn’t involve any kind of hidden or obscure costs. Hence, Boomi also provides its customers with cost optimization.

Customer Obsession

Boomi has a high rate of customer satisfaction. It has more than 7000 organizations around the world as its customers. And there has not been a single failure reported to date.


Dell Boomi is positively playing a significant role in changing the way IT teams work. It won’t be wrong to say that Dell Boomi is the new best friend for our IT teams.

Hope you found the post helpful. For more details please contact a Dell Boomi consultant.

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