Understanding the Lifecycle of Api’s Management

Posted By Admin On Sat, Jul 4, 2020

Technology is making almost everyone dependent on it due to the benefit it is providing to the people. Every business wants to prosper and grow in terms of finance as well as size. For this purpose, they should not only work hard but also smart. Smart work is more important and should be adopted in this digital era. With the increasing trends of social media platforms, IoT, artificial intelligence and you have to show your information and data to the outside people and to make sure that it is secured. You can do this with the help of the Apigee integration server.

An efficient API platform is essential to manage and configure your API’s. It plays a significant role in digital transformation. There are so many features and benefits of adopting this system in your organization. You can have a secure exchange of data, helpful in maintaining consistency, and so on. Before understanding the whole concept, you must understand the lifecycle of API so that you can manage it easily.

  • Designing Phase: This is the first and important step in the lifecycle of the API that should be carefully defined. It should be designed in such a way that it must fulfil the need of its users. The design can be developed using the various services of app developers, business analysts, and so on. Here the important elements like URL, communication with the other parts are decided.
  • Developing Phase: Here in this phase, how the API will be used is decided. The API’s are maintained, created, and also configured. API proxy is also created under this.
  • Secured: It is imperative to secure API. It also supports other policies like traffic management etc.
  • Publishing: Its new feature helps in managing the various deployments easily. All other points like automatic testing, controlling version, etc. should be taken. Apigee development can also help you in designing and publishing your customized websites.
  • Scaling: Scaling is another crucial step that has to be considered during the lifecycle of API. It helps manage the large amount of work.
  • Monitoring Phase: The monitoring dashboard is available with which the health or the status of the API’s can be easily known. You can know about the various abnormalities if any that so that you can treat them at their initial stages only.
  • Analyzing Phase: This phase includes target relating performance, the performance of proxy, and so on.
  • Monetizing Phase: This phase is used to convert API into profit avenues. This is not the compulsory stage; rather, it depends on the choice of the businessman.

Apigee openshift is also one of the technical solutions which are transforming the customer experience as well as the internal operations of any business. It is essential to implement all the technological advancements in your business to stay updated. No one wants to be served from the businesses which are not up to date and rather using outdated technology.

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