Understanding How Salesforce Will Impact a Business

Posted By Admin On Mon, Jul 1, 2019

Ever since Salesforce Einstein was released in 2016, it was seen as a key platform for strategic partnerships with several business productivity features to improve customer side interactions. Be that as it may, it becomes immediately obvious that the version of the Salesforce platform you use will determine the extent of functionality you will have. So, how much insight do you want into the business and the data? This question begs to be asked and so you need to answer it if you want to know which version of the software will be right for you.

 You always have Einstein support

Einstein sounds like a great idea for any business venture to have as a support solution that will provide inspiring answers in the middle of a busy workday. The Salesforce integration platform is thoughtfully compiled so that Einstein is present embedded in the software at all stages. It becomes necessary for the businessman to develop a perspective on what his business needs are.

 Breakup of the business needs

The challenges that his business faces might be met by the version of the Salesforce he has. If he wants to include more functionality for his business partners also, then he might need a higher version. Here is a breakup of the way a business will approach the problem.

  • Use of the Sales Cloud – the Einstein features used will include keeping track of contacts and leads, accounts and opportunities, forecasting and activities. The advantage of this is that sales reps in the company will not have to sift through hundreds of leads. They will be able to work on the best prospective lead.
  • Work with the Service Cloud – this helps with live cases and improvement of knowledge. This helps reduce bouncing of cases and helps provide answers to recurring questions in a simple and fast way.
  • Making the Marketing Cloud work – this is the Journey Builder that manages the contacts and the leads. It helps you group your customers to be able to prepare the best campaigns effectively.
  • Effectiveness of the Commerce Cloud – it helps with your search and aligns contacts and products for you. This helps you personalise your product presentations and make a better impact.

Then, you have the salesforce implementation services on the Salesforce Platform. This consists of four things – Einstein Analytics Plus, Einstein Predictions, Einstein Vision, and Einstein Language.

 How does Analytics help?

Analytics helps you perform a deeper analysis of data across the entire platform. Predictions work you through customised what-if cases so you become ready for all possible solutions. Einstein Vision detects objects so that you can do a visual inventory or even conduct security branch checks. The language helps you understand the impact of bad media exposure or of how well a campaign will fare depending on the wording of the language.

Your buying decision will depend on the cost mainly and the type of license you want for your business. You can get help from the Salesforce administration to check the compatibility of your business with your choice of the Salesforce version. You will get the compatibility report within minutes so you will know whether you should go in for that version or not.

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