Salesforce Integration – Factors to Consider Before and What Are the Benefits

Posted By Admin On Wed, Jun 17, 2020

Salesforce integration platforms are gradually becoming an essential part of business organizations. This is probably because of the wide range of features that it offers to its users. When a business organization adopts a Salesforce integration platform appropriately, then the chances are that the productivity of the organization will be doubled. This is why, before adopting a salesforce integration platform, a lot of planning happens at the top and middle management so that a suitable environment for its adoption can be made in the firm or the organization, to reap the maximum benefits of this amazing tool. But there are some factors also which should be considered before adopting the salesforce integration in any organization.

Here, we will discuss those factors and also the major benefits of adopting salesforce maintenance services, which make it almost impossible to avoid the existence of this platform.

Factors to be considered before Salesforce integration:

  • Frequency of data transfer: Before adopting the salesforce integration platform in your organization, you should definitely assess the frequency of the data transfer which is expected to happen between your salesforce and the system which you are planning to integrate.
  • Type of integration: Before undertaking the integration project, one must be sure about the type of integration which he needs to adopt in his organization. For example, at the time of the creation of a new record, real-time integration is needed. While at the regular time intervals, batch integration is considered.
  • Issue of troubleshooting: After all the work of integration has been done in the organization, one needs to be sure about how to conduct the troubleshooting in case things don’t go as planned in the near future. This is one of the most important factors which can’t be ignored at all.
  • Access to data: When the business applications are integrated with the salesforce integration platform, the data of the business applications can be accessed through the integration platform very efficiently. Thus, you need to decide in advance that whom you want to give full access to the data or the restricted access of the data.

Benefits of adopting a salesforce integration platform in the organization:

  • Organize all the data of your customers: The adoption of the salesforce integration platform with the customer service and support applications allows the user to access the data stored in those apps, through the platform itself, thus allowing the user to streamline the touch-points of client communication.
  • Build relationships to support your business: Salesforce integration platform is an amazing platform through which you can interact with the different partners and can build strong professional relationships with them. You can learn useful business practices from them by using the platform.
  • Rise in online sales: As most of the time-consuming tasks can be automated with the help of a salesforce integration platform, this will help you in increasing your online sales and thus making your business grow.
  • Earn quickly: The majority of the manufacturers can use salesforce maintenance support platforms to allow their customers to replace their products if they are having any issue with it. They themselves can initiate the process of replacement, thus saving a lot of time and money for the organization.

These were all the benefits which you can also avail by adopting the salesforce integration platform in your organization. If you are planning a long-time existence in the business, then the salesforce integration platform is a must.

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