How Can You Automate Your Business Processes With the Salesforce Integration Platform?

Posted By Admin On Wed, Jun 10, 2020

With time, a lot of changes have occurred in the business world and in ways of accomplishing tasks. Notably, the IT sector has assisted the business sector a lot and has made things much easier than before. One such aspect is the webmethods salesforce integration platform. Salesforce integration platform is a medium through which a businessman can turn his business ideas into reality. It helps in increasing the overall productivity of a business house by offering a helping hand in the performance of various tasks. But many are unaware of the advantages of salesforce integration platforms. So here, we will provide an insight into how you can use the Salesforce integration platforms to automate the business processes, which will help your business in many ways. Let’s get started.

  • Workflow rules: These are one of the best tools in the Salesforce integration platform for automating your business-related processes. This aspect of the salesforce integration platform allows you to create a rule specifically based on certain criteria. You can perform a lot of tasks with the help of a salesforce integration platform, such as creating tasks, sending emails to different persons simultaneously and updating fields, etc. These actions may be the actions which are being performed promptly, or these can be the time-dependent actions. In the case of time-dependent actions, the parameters are re-evaluated before undertaking the action. The time-dependent action will be performed only when the parameters are found as correct. If these parameters are found incorrect, then the action will not be performed.

  • Approval process: This process in the sales integration platform can automate those steps which are necessary to authorize a record and to authorize it, it determines the approval at almost every stage. It notifies what will happen when an approver or approvers accept or reject the record. Apart from that, it also defines what will happen when a record is submitted for approval. Whenever approval is demanded by a user, the record is locked during the initial application activities so that no one can modify the record till it is pending.

  • Process builder: This aspect of the salesforce integration platform allows the user to control the order of predetermined actions and also ensures the evaluation of the criteria for a record. The concerned actions are:

  1. Creating records: This feature allows the users to create new records and also allows them to add different field values. This task can be done with very ease under this platform.
  2. Posting on chatter: You can post any information on the chatter and can share it with anybody on that platform. This feature helps very much where constant communication is important among the different users of a business house.
  3. Updating records: This tool can also be used to update the different records that are related to the one through which the process was initiated. The option of entering the records manually is also available here.

Not only this, the features like involving another process, launching the flow, quick action, or triggering apex code are also available under the process builder. Due to all these features, the salesforce integration platform is a necessity for a successful business journey.

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