Enriching Cloud Integration in Boomi with NetSuite Accelerators

Posted By Admin On Sat, Sep 7, 2019

You can enhance the time-to-value for your business using SuiteSuccess from NetSuite. It exists in the Boomi software to boost business efficiency. A series of accelerators the first of which NetSuite announced with Boomi ready for release to provide cloud solutions for industries. Using the accelerators, users get an experience of Omni-channel experience and seamless transition through the entire order placement, fulfillment, inventory, and payment cycle.


Best for rapid turnaround

SuiteSuccess accelerator is bringing key objectives to businesses with greater efficiency. Of all the clients who use NetSuite, about 1600 chose Dell boomi cloud integration for their businesses. The biggest obvious advantage is the saving in time. It is possible to use NetSuite for the first time within a short span of 45 days giving you a rapid turnaround. Retail businesses are looking for shorter timelines to increase business agility and get greater profits. To do this, they use Boomi Integration Accelerator and Shopify. IT complexity reduces with the use of e-commerce tools. It becomes possible to leverage best practices and provide for the end of the road customizations.

 Increase functionality by starting small

Firms can sustain key strategies for their business and add value while accelerating business growth. Seamless workflows help promote best practices through the use of Shopify and Boomi Cloud Integration Accelerator. You can manage functions such as billing information and inventory management. This allows you to keep control of automated transactions involving critical data.  We can leverage the industry cloud solutions of SuiteSuccess in a step-by-step approach by enterprises after choosing only those scenarios in the current business,which are applicable. The business can later scale up their capabilities with more modules and components. Use the services of the dell boomi integration consultant to get this software for your business today.

 Many pronged capabilities of the software

The SuiteSuccess brings together the capabilities of Boomi using KPIs, dashboards, and pre-built workflows. It helps integrate applications in the following ways:

  • With Order Management: Dell Boomi assigns each order creation to Shopify to fulfill. This way, real-time tracking is possible for order status and numbers.
  • Product Catalog: NetSuite matrix items remain supported. Also, it updates the product catalog information.
  • Inventory Data: You get visibility of stock levels from many locations so you can control them due to the inventory data synchronization. This allows the business to avoid back-order pileup and stock-outs.
  • Help with Managed Payments: You can keep track of all your e-commerce transactions and get updates. You get news of gift cards, vouchers, and refunds.
  • Smooth Integration: The Professional Service of Boomi helps the business integrate with the framework using the fixed-free accelerators.

Boomi is concentrating on delivering complete workable solutions. When we are combining two types of software, we need a professional approach to instrumenting the applications. This will help to map the business process and customer data. A comprehensive combined solution is thus possible using the Dell Boomi platform because of the combination of SuiteSuccess and Shopify tools. It is effective in plugging data structures of the business software with the core platform.

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