Cultivate Interactions With The Community For Better API Development

Posted By Admin On Fri, Aug 2, 2019

Creating a successful developer program is the initial objective of all API developers. For doing this, it helps if you participate in API forums, workshops, and conferences. It helps you form a link to the API developer community which forms the base for future progress in API development. But, before you form links, it is important to section the group.


Build on trust

Use an internal and external perspective to form smaller groups within the API community. This is important for API program cultivation both because it develops trust and appeals to the better instincts of the external developers. Building faith is an essential step because developers who have confidence will produce better results. They will continue to put in their efforts and overcome the obstacles that stop them. This can help in the general development of the API while contributing to the problem-solving ability. Collaborative development with quality support helps developers go around things that are not clear in the first place.


Treat all developers well

From the internal perspective, developers still need the same respect that you give to external developers. It is necessary to pamper them so they will show their full creative abilities. Motivations such as API kitchens and internal hackathons will help internal developers get a foot in the door of the development program. But, there is no need to distinguish between the internal and external developers. Your APIs will have to serve both the sectors so it important to ensure that no one is shown any partiality. It is important to view things from the perspective of the customer.


Make groups to your advantage

You ensure uniformity in quality in cultivating API program in this manner. You bond with your customer through your API. So, listen to your customers and get their requests and feedback, this will drive your development.  Arrange the API community to give you solid support. Put the internal developers in front of the external ones. This will help the community to grow through powerful interactions. Use self-service APIs because this will allow easy access. By giving a low barrier entry for your API, you encourage developers to participate in the forums and have better control of their development. 

Improve the conversations with your developer groups

Use applications like Basecamp to improve interactions within the group. Make partnerships with external developers and use their guidance using Stack Overflow, activity on GitHub, on forums, and blogs to deal with issues and view solutions. You can also create a free tier that allows access to your API. You are allowing developers to use and develop the API without having to pay for it. It is also important to keep track of development at all times. 

Note and analyze the KPI

Study the KPI and develop it around your program. Keep evaluating them now and then and check all the metrics. It is not enough to measure only the call volumes but also evaluate them to the overheads and billing metrics. What was the cost of executing that volume? Let the entire community know. What portion of the calls is really making an impact on your returns?

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