Cloud Computing and the Future of IT Companies

Posted By Admin On Mon, Jul 1, 2019

If centralized computers and mainframes brought in the new era in computing, the remote computing power is going to be what we see in the future. This has been spurred by the growth of new, powerful computers that helps individuals do quantum computing using the cloud. Public super clouds like Azure and AWS are being leveraged by organizations to up their computing power.

 Adapting to the new horizons

The ability to scale rapidly works well for most computing companies and there are quite a few IT consulting companies in India who are up to the challenges of the new era. They are able to see and comprehend the problems that grow from such growth and use their talents to arrive at a comprehensive solution. So, is traditional IT going to disappear? No, the old and trusted is the soul of the IT industry and will remain so for a long time to come. What is going to change is the perspective on has of the future and the means one uses to achieve their future targets.

 The usefulness of the cloud and API

Developers now see their future in the APIs and the cloud. The focus is on usability and interfacing finding new methods of doing both. Many theories abound such as serverless cloud and neural integration between the cloud and the human brain. The challenge for developers is to find the via media that will allow us to explore the limitless possibilities that lie in front of us. This is what the top IT consulting firms are busily engaged in.

 New branches in development

It is not so much about the quantity, though that will also play a significant role, it will be about accessibility and serviceability. This is where the cloud scores significantly; it brings all kinds of possibilities to our doorstep. It opens the doors to artificial intelligence serviceability. All this without having to invest significant amount into hardware. Like it was already mentioned, the software is another story.

 Better functionality of the developer

The small companies will no longer be dependent on computer towers and massive servers, they will be up and running with just the links they need to the cloud. They will be adopting Desktop as a Service (DaaS) working on big projects just as easily as larger companies. They might have given us a third party service provider to give them the basic keyboard, mouse, and monitor to keep their overheads down.

 Cloud is here to stay

A decade or so from now, all organizations will be operating from the cloud. They will be leveraging collective technology regardless of which service they use. The problem is not going to be the hardware but the software. While cloud integration will help solve a lot of problems, the problem that will be significant at that time will be those born of the cloud.

This is why the IT consulting companies will have to do a rethinking about where they need to focus. The money is always there but it will be concentrated in the pockets of the cloud service providers. It will be in the pockets of the cloud computing service providers.

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