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Posted By Admin On Tue, May 28, 2019

Get the best technology team for consulting and implementing your business solutions using a wide array of IT strategies! A whole range of technology becomes ready for your business platform by using the consulting services from the service providers. We improve the focus of your business on cost reduction and better resource deployment. Use the power of Big Data and powerful analytic methods to establish yourself as the leader of the field in your niche.

Use of Proof of Concept

Through the roadmap for integration architecture, we solve problems and arrive at the best features for your platform. Implementing the Proof of Concept helps us define the process. Though the designer is sure that his idea will work, testing the idea through the proof of concept will determine who far this is true. To do this, we first establish the need. This is done by establishing the pain points of the target audience. When you hear the same concerns being repeated, you are sure you have the right direction for advancement. The big data consulting companies map the pain points and then test it.

Making the prototype

Now, you have a rudimentary product that is ready for testing. This prototype covers all your requirements along with a predetermined feature set. When you make this functional, you have the Minimum Viable Product that solves all the pain points. So, essentially, you reinvent the way you work by creating new solutions for all pain points. At this point, you have made the roadmap for your product development.

Product appraisal by the consultant

The consultant will then do the product appraisal. This is of two kinds – discounted and undiscounted. The methods used for this include payback period, accounting rate of return, sensitivity analysis, discounted cash flow, and investment risk. The way to do the project appraisal includes the initial assessment, defining the problem, consulting which is the shortlist, finding out the options, and then selecting the project.

A range of technologies provided

You can consult the service providers for all technology related support as for Apigee, Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, web methods, Big Data, and Salesforce. Development services for B2B, EAI, and EDI integrations are given by the service providers that include development and implementation services and the integration architecture. This is done on mainstream platforms such as IBM WebSphere, TIBCO, and others.

Big data solutions

The consultancy services provide document managing and archiving along with BPM and Workflow development. Being one of the big data solutions companies, you will get complete support for the platform for integrating with data solutions and adding more features for business development. The companies can ask for and get specific resources for integration in the project.

The work process is in a mixed environment that includes both near-shore and onsite work. Resources are provided so as to be customer facing for integration with the team. There is another team working in parallel at the service provider’s headquarters to give support and do the needed studies for developing the project. This kind of operation helps reduce the effort and cost and improves the efficiency of the work. They will also handle the subsets of large projects being responsible for specific work streams as needed.

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